I sort of wanna do a pow wow next month ..


I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird

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Show it not tell it

When you show independence instead of speaking of it, others will respect you for your actions instead of your statements.

"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair."

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Men categorize us women in one of four ways: Mothers, Virgins, Sluts and Bitches. Well you see now none of these suit a modern day ambitious woman. But we can create our own image by selecting pieces of each archetype that can work for ourselves. For example, having the wisdom of a mother, the integrity of a virgin, the sexual attraction of a slut and finally the independence of a bitch.

RANT: Excuse my tongue

The fuck is this sleep you speak of? I’m too busy on my grind. Slow feet don’t eat and plus ambition is sexy. Only 18 and I work two jobs, I go to day and evening classes 5 days a week, plus I love being a RageQueen. To top it off this little lady enlisted into the United States Navy. I don’t need to rely on anyone but myself. FUCK WITH ME NOW HATERS YOU DON’T HAVE SHIT ON ME. 

Broke because I love EDM

  • Electric Daisy Carnival (New York)
  • Mad Decent Block Party (Boston)
  • Tomorrow Land
  • Hardwell 
  • Krewella
  • Diplo
  • Martin Garrix
  • Tiesto

I mean I work hard, so I play even harder. 

Everything has been officially purchased that I need.